Baikal shotgun forearm

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Baikal shotgun forearm

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Baikal shotgun forearm

Don't laugh. The Baikal shotgun has a loyal following and plenty of contributors to Sporting Gun and Shooting UK think they are very decent guns.

Here's why. Maybe not, but Baikal guns achieve two things that shooters are looking for. They are inexpensive and reliable. Read our Baikal reviews here. Thanks to Baikal shotguns thousands of UK shooters have been able to afford to enjoy shooting sports.

Baikals are made by the people for the people in a Russian city called Izhevsk, about a two hour flight from Moscow.

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During the Cold War the city was forbidden to foreigners. Today the arms factory — Izhevsky Mekhanicheski Zavod —turns out an enormous variety of Baikals. Rifles, pistols and air weapons as well as shotguns.

The Baikal is a true workhorse that comes with full instructions and a spare firing pin. They also produce less recoil from cheaper cartridges than a side-by-side. Completely bombproof and still in use!

An ideal starter gun in my opinion. Home Guns. TAGS: Shotguns. So why do Baikal shotguns get such good press? A real Baikal shotgun. The selective trigger on a Baikal shotgun.Discussion in ' Firearms ' started by LoBrassMar 3, Log in or Sign up. Mar 3, 1. What can anyone tell me about the 20 gauge SPR? I won one over the weekend and don't know much about them.

It seems like a solid gun. Made in Russia for Remington evidently. Appreciate any opinions or facts. LoBrassMar 3, Mar 4, 2. Messages: Likes Received: 0 Location: rockford. Shoot a board and see if barells shoot straight before you take out. Glad you won it not bought it.

31 things you should know about Baikal shotguns

Mar 4, 3. Messages: 5, Likes Received: Baikal makes guns for many manufacturers. You can tell with the asterisk looking stamp they place on the bottom of the gun. I have heard good and bad but with guns that is typical.

Good luck! Mar 5, 4. LoBrassMar 5, Mar 6, 5. Messages: Likes Received: 0 Location: Petoskey. They were sold under the Spartan brand name and were solid, inexpensive guns. Remington dropped them from their catalog. Some gun stores are selling these guns as part of a closeout.Browse categories Directory Blog Login Register. Sell Your Gun. Air Guns. Other Guns. Gun Dogs. View all Rifles for sale Rifles by Category:.

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Baikal Guns for sale

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baikal shotgun forearm

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Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Baikal Firearms. Wiki User What it's worth and what it will cost to buy one are two different things.

I have a Browning Citori skeet, Baikal 27em-ic-m and an Italian made fausti, can't hit anything with the fausti due to the fact it doesn't fit. The baikal and the browning have exactly the same point characteristics. I wouldn't want to try to replace it with another cheep over and under.

I think the value is great. Buy one and do as I did, polish the metal and have it reblued as the finish still shows some imperfections out of the box, and refinish the walnut wood. Mine will soon look like a gun equal in quality to my Browning. Don't be afraid to buy one! Polish the parts - he's got to be kidding.

This is an admission of poor craftsmanship to begin with. Reblue it - I can't believe what I'm readimg. Heck, one might as well get milling tools and make the gun from scratch. I would rather have a Browning on whick all the bluing was worn off, the stock was scarred and worn and had been shot 20, times, than a wagon load of Baikals.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

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Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Free postage. Shotgun stock From Akkar Shotgun. Quality walnut Very slight Mark. See similar items. Only 1 left. Only 3 left. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Hot this week in Shotgun Stock. Make an offer.

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Make offer - vintage purdey side lock 12 gauge shotgun stock wood only. Semi auto or pump vintage Shotgun Stock. Make offer - Semi auto or pump vintage Shotgun Stock. Side lock double barrel percussion wooden shotgun stock only. Make offer - Side lock double barrel percussion wooden shotgun stock only. Wooden Shotgun Stock Wood Only.

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Shotgun Wooden Stock Box Lock. Gamba Cx Shotgun Stock. Boxlock vintage Shotgun Stock. Make offer - Boxlock vintage Shotgun Stock. Shop by category. Brand see all. Birchwood Casey. Sub-Type see all. Comb Raiser. Rifle Scopes. Rifle Sling. Type see all. Condition see all. New other see details. For parts or not working. Please provide a valid price range.Shotguns, equipment.

Hunting animals. Use of material is possible with active link. Russia, Baikal. The most popular classic gun Izhevsk mechanical plant, enjoying an excellent reputation among hunters professionals and Amateurs.

baikal shotgun forearm

Over 30 years of serial production produced more than 1. Possessing a beautiful balance, a stable fight, simple and reliable design, the shotgun Baikal MP its technical features and operational characteristics corresponds to the guns higher price classes.

For shotgun Baikal MPM characterized by easy handling and a high degree of security provided:. Stable accuracy of fire is provided by the use of permanent muzzle narrowing or removable muzzle attachments for different purposes.

The material of the forearm and butt - high-quality walnut, beech. A wide range of modifications and versions of the shotgun Baikal MPM will satisfy the most discerning consumer will choose the gun with different consumer characteristics for different types of hunting, sport shooting and so on.

baikal shotgun forearm

The product MPM is the winner of the contest " best goods of Russia" in Guns, equipment. Video: Aiming when firing the shot from a gun at a moving target. Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other.

Duck with hunting MP 27 Russian guns:. The scheme of the mechanisms of the rifle MPLooking to buy a Coach Gun. Is there any real difference between a Stoeger or a Baikal once they've been slicked up by a good smith? Baikals are usually able to give quite a bit longer service than Stoegers, for folks who run their shotgun fast.

Lots of folks share that experience. The Baikal is just built out of better, heavier steel. The weak spot for Baikals - the ribs on barrels sometimes are not soldered well. The weak spot for Stoegers - the forearm lug is easily detached. I broke 3 Stoegers in my first year, the 1st one I bought used, but the other 2 were bought brand new and tuned.

It's built like a tank and it works great. I shot it for 5 years, averaging 4 matches a month with zero problems. I had bought a 2nd Baikal as a back-up about 6 months after I got the 1st one.

Baikal Over/under-good gun?

I shot 4 rounds through it, put it in the safe, and I never shot it again since the 1st one is just so reliable. I just sold it a few months back.

Just to add. I don't shoot the SKB because it's any better or faster than the Baikal it maybe even slower on real close targets due to the trigger re-set. I choose to shoot it over the Baikal because even thoe the timer doesn't show it I feel I'm more consistant with the SKB.

Baikal Side by Side Review - The Gun Shop

Also, did I mention that the SKB is really really pretty? You won't be disappointed. I'm still usin' the Stoeger Coachgun I bought new in The ONLY two things that have bewn done are disabling the "auto" safety feature and slickin' up the chambers and relieving the forcing cones. Same with my 26" Uplander Stoeger.

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Minimal work. I think you can oversmith a gun. Spend the money on ammo practicin' yer technique, then think about gunsmithin'. You might find it ain't needed.

baikal shotgun forearm

I ain't slow 'cause of my shotgun. I'm slow cause I stop shootin' and talk durin' a run! NO brake downs. I find I can shoot the Baikal faster because of the design of the extracter. The Stoeger has the bottom half of the hourglass, and sometimes the crimp of the shell can get hung up on the top or it if you don't hit the holes right.

The Baikal starts with a full hourglass extracter, and let Gunslinger work it over. If you get the shells anywhere near the gun they go in perfect. Just my opinion, but he sells them ready to go and they are faaaaaaast!!

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